Bohemian Fashion Photography - Shot just outside LA in the Desert of Lancaster

Bohemian Desert Fashion

  We headed out to the desert once again for a quick fashion photography bohemian photo shoot, before the summer heat kicked in.  Got together with our favorite fashion stylist, who did an amazing job here putting together an edgy fashion, bohemian (boho) look for us.  Model Cristina Mantas killed it and hair and make-up by Stacy Bisel.  

Such a fun day and it's great to be able to get such amazing images with a next to nothing photo crew.  This is as bare bones as a fashion shoot can get, just one hair and make-up, one model and myself, jumped in the car and headed out to the Lancaster desert.  Very colabritive, everyone was open to ideas and trying things out.  I love it when a fashion model or even a lifestyle model can bring something to the table as far as creative ideas.  Sometimes the best shots come from something the model comes up with.  I like to give them creative freedom to suggest ideas on what they think might be a cool shot...sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  

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All photos by Fashion Photographer - Los Angeles:  Mike Henry

Studio Fashion and Look Book Photographer - Los Angeles

New fashion and look book photography we shot in Los Angeles for a womens fashion apparel company, who was looking for fresh new studio fashion photography for their fall 2015 lookbook.  Mike Henry, Los Angeles fashion look book photographer shoots for many womens fashion apparel brands and keeps it fresh here in the studio

Commercial Lifestyle Photography - Desert Road Trip - Re-licensing & Stock avaialbilty.

We recently put together a desert road trip - lifestyle photo story that is available as stock photography and re-licensing.  We cast a group of young, cool, twenty year olds, (going for the youth culture, fun road trip-y feel) headed out to the desert just outside of Los Angeles and spent the day shooting.  It's crazy how you don't have to go that far outside of LA to get a completely different landscape.  This is the reason I live here in Los Angeles, you can't beat the locations it has to offer a lifestyle advertising photographer.  For styling we kept if very natural and real, combining wardrobe pulled from our stylist with the clothing from the actual talents closets.  I always thinks that makes for much more believable lifestyle photography.

These images and more are available for re-licencing and stock through Getty images (HERE) you can also see more of my Lifestyle Advertising Photography here.

Mt. Wilson Lifestyle Advertising Photography

New lifestyle advertising shoot conducted on a hike through Mt. Wilson.

Los Angeles based lifestyle advertising photographer Mike Henry took his photography to the mountains last week for a fun new shoot that tells the story of a couple setting out to hike Mt. Wilson. Mike and the crew had a great time working with this new adventurous talent and enjoyed getting the chance to take in some fresh air and greenery. 

Lifestyle Advertising Photographer Shoots Xbox One Campaign

New lifestyle advertising work for an Xbox One campaign in Seattle.

Los Angeles based lifestyle advertising photographer Mike Henry shoots exciting house party photography for a recent Xbox advertising campaign in Seattle. In keeping with his high energy style, Mike and the team had an awesome time letting loose to photograph the wild, hectic side of youth.

Los Angeles Fashion Advertising Photography for Karen Kane Look Book

Recent fashion advertising photography for the Karen Kane Spring 2015 look book.

Recent work by Mike Henry, fashion photographer Los Angeles for designer Karen Kane's Spring 2015 look book (check out more commercial apparel photography in Mike's portfolio here). To compliment Karen's sleek, casual women's ready wear, Mike went with a minimalistic, contrasty set-up that emphasizes both the apparel and talent.